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About Us

We help People Solve their Biggest Web Challenges

Swift Horse is a Web Develeping Company established in 2003 in China. Now we have Expanded our offices to United Arab Emirates.We have came a long way in this platform by Satisfying our customers, providing a better products and services.

We continue to push for change at every level of the Internet. Collectively, we manage lots of websites of our customers and work with thousands of resellers. Every individual customers are very much happy of our services. That is what keeps our company moving.

Our managements and teams works hard to meet the requirements of the customers and they are giving the max out of it. We’re a collection of scrappy, stable, little, big brands. Together, we’re an overnight success story 15 years in the making and we’re a long way from finished.

The Internet

The Open Internet is an agent for positive change. It belongs to everyone and no one. We will help it to resist all attempts at ownership.

The Innovation

We see and celebrate innovation and creativity in every employee, customer and partner we work with. We try stuff and we capitalize.


We’re building things for people, not for machines. We choose simplicity over complexity every time.

Social Sharing

We are a mix of people working together to solve problems big and small. Together, we’re stronger, smarter and better. 

Team Members


App / Websites

Years in Business

Our Story

We Got Started Because, We Want to Make Web A Better Place


The team is dedicated to: delivering the best results and collaborating to our clients’ continuous success

Our Developers:

Are focused on building strategies based on our clients’ needs and conducted researches.

Graphic designer:

The person behind the image of SWIFT HORSE, attentive to details and constantly delivering creativity

Our Google Ads Specialist:

Holds a strong background that allows him to initiate campaigns and foresees results like a pro.